Grateful for The Way Things Are Going…

Author // bobbycressey
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I’ve been really happy about the way this year has been going with the balance I have of different gigs and opportunities. I am continuing the mad pace of gigs that I had last year, having just got home from my 102nd gig of 2015 on the 136th day of the year. This alone is worth celebrating because not all musicians are fortunate enough to live where they can work like this. I live in a town with plenty of work (at least for the time being) and I am so thankful to be able to play gigs that I love. I love playing with my corporate cover band ‘The Mighty Untouchables’ which is really one of the best bands of its kind in Southern California. But man does not live on Top 40 alone, and I am grateful to be asked to play jazz gigs in town with different people. These keep me sharp and feed my creative soul. I play at church which feeds my soul in a different way. I play organ occasionally for my baseball team. And I get to go up to LA from time to time and play with some amazing fresh friends of mine in big situations. In short I get to play a variety of music which keeps things fresh, and I love everyone I make it with. It’s not entirely through my own merits either; I really am a lucky dude with a lot of ‘right place right time’ bringing me fortune. I hope things continue like this!


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