Jazz Cue in Thor 2: The Dark World

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Months ago I hinted that I might have music in the upcoming Thor movie. At the time I was thrilled but had to temper that feeling with caution. Just because a cue is in a rough cut of a movie eight months before it hits the big screen doesn’t mean it will be in the final version. I knew my cue and the scene that contained it could easily end up on the cutting room floor.

Well this time I’m happy to say it made cut. The piece is a minute long wallpaper lounge piano cue. I wrote it for a music library three years ago and submitted it along with several others just like it. I designed the piece specifically for underscore purposes, so it’s not too exciting, and yet it has enough movement to not be repetitive. Mission accomplished with this one. Whatever editor or music supervisor is responsible for selecting it, you rock.

I saw the final cut of the film in the theater over the weekend. Funnily enough, they have the music so low you can barely hear that there is any music at all. You can only hear a couple high plinks cut through the dialogue, otherwise it’s virtually inaudible. Honestly, I don’t care how loud it is.

If you see this flick, check out the restaurant scene towards the beginning in London with Natalie Portman and some dude. That’s my music.

Name in the credits:

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Enjoying some champagne to celebrate a rad career moment in style:

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