—–Organ Dates For 2016:—–

This will be my 7th year playing organ for the San Diego Padres. 2016 is going to be a huge year for baseball in San Diego because in July we’ll be hosting the MLB All Star Game. I will be playing the organ for a ton of games at Petco Park this year, including Fanfest, Opening day and the entire opening series vs the Dodgers, The series against the Yankees (7/1/16-7/3/16), the series against the Red Sox (9/5/16-9/7/16), The All Star Game (7/12/16), all home Sunday games (except 6/5 which is a night game because of the Rock and Roll Marathon) and all the day games during the week.

Day Date Time Opponent
Friday April-1 7:10 PM Preseason vs. White Sox
Saturday April-2 1:10 PM Preseason vs. White Sox
Monday April-4 3:40 PM OPENING DAY vs. Dodgers
Tuesday April-5 7:10 PM vs. Dodgers
Wednesday April-6 7:10 PM vs. Dodgers
Sunday April-24 1:40 PM vs. Cardinals
Wednesday May-4 12:40 PM vs. Rockies
Sunday May-8 1:40 PM vs. Mets
Sunday May-22 1:40 PM vs. Dodgers
Wednesday June-8 12:40 PM vs. Braves
Wednesday June-15 12:40 PM vs. Marlins
Sunday June-19 1:40 PM vs. Nationals
Wednesday June-29 12:40 PM vs. Orioles
Sunday July-3 1:40 PM vs. Yankees
Sunday July-10 FUTURES GAME vs. youth
Tuesday July-12 ★ ALL STAR GAME ★ vs. American League
Sunday July-17 1:40 PM vs. Giants
Sunday July-31 1:40 PM vs. Reds
Wednesday August-3 12:40 PM vs. Brewers
Sunday August-7 1:40 PM vs. Phillies
Sunday August-21 1:40 PM vs. Diamondbacks
Wednesday August-24 12:40 PM vs. Cubs
Monday September-5 1:40 PM vs. Red Sox
Wednesday September-7 6:10 PM vs. Red Sox
Sunday September-11 1:40 PM vs. Rockies
Sunday September-25 1:40 PM vs. Giants

I have been a lifelong Padres fan and will always bleed Padres blue, white, sand, orange, brown, and yellow. In 2010 when the opportunity to play organ for the Padres arose, I tenaciously beat down the doors at 100 Park Blvd and harassed everyone I could to get the gig. (Turned out the other people auditioning were DODGERS FANS. True story). Seven years later, I can say I have loved every second of playing organ for the Padres and look forward to doing it as much as possible in the future. I work hard preparing new music to play at the ball games, and I love interacting with all the fans and broadcasters alike to enhance everyone’s experience at Petco Park.

2016 marks my seventh year playing organ for the San Diego Padres. In 2014, I also composed and performed all the organ music for Sony’s Video game “MLB THE SHOW ’14”. My music is also in MLB THE SHOW ’15 and ’16 (as far as I know).

As the organist for the San Diego Padres I’ve been featured on the “Fox Sports San Diego” shows “Padres Point Of View”, “Padres Weekly” and “Padres Social Hour” and have been in the press in local newspapers Check out this article from June 2013. I’ve also contributed to some of the Padres blogs and made many friends through these blogs and through Twitter. The community of fans that support the San Diego Padres is an awesome one and I’m proud to count myself among them for LIFE. Here’s a cool video from a couple years ago that was featured on

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