As one of the most versatile keyboardists on the West Coast, Bobby Cressey often finds himself pigeon holed by people who only know him for one particular style. The straight ahead jazz lovers might have no idea that he is an authority on keyboard playing in Jamaican ska and reggae. People who hear him perform classical piano could be clueless about his skills in programming keyboards and commercial pop chops, or might never guess that he regularly plays the organ for thousands of people at baseball games or backs up lounge singers in his spare time. Bobby has years of experience professionally performing and producing in multiple styles of music. For years he played with the world famous DJ Skee’s Skeetox band, currently plays organ for the San Diego Padres and San Diego Gulls, and has performed with Ice Cube, Jesse McCartney, Xzibit, Lil’ John, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Bobby Brown, The Glenn Miller big band and the Tom Kubis Big Band at Goldenwest. Bobby plays in San Diego's premier corporate top 40 band, The Mighty Untouchables, in addition to several original projects including Tiffy Jane and the Kicks as well as his own jazz piano and organ combos. He's also a founding member of 'Western Standard Time', an 18 piece ensemble that plays the traditional ska of the Skatalites with big band arrangements.

Bobby is also an accomplished composer and producer. His music can be heard through multiple outlets including television, movies, terrestrial, streaming and satellite radio, and video games. He also maintains an active roster of students, teaching a wide range of styles to students of all ages and walks of life. His newest album 'Cali Native' is an entirely self funded release and showcases brilliant horn arranging and a strong ensemble of Southern California's very best musicians with tons of groove based funk and soul.

Since 2010 he has lived in the University Heights area of San Diego, although he continues to work extensively in Hollywood and all of Southern California. He has a passion for moving others through his music, whether it be through performing, teaching or composing.

Quotes from Yesterday’s Lesson With a 10 Year Old

Two nuggets of wisdom from my lesson yesterday with one of my favorite students, a 10 year old girl.

Me: “What time signature is this”
Her: “What do you mean what time signature is this”
Me: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN what do you mean what time signature is this”

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Me: “use the mentronome”
Her: “I hate the metronome I feel like it sits there judging me”
Me: “Yes but it is an impartial judge”


Richard Tee / Steve Gadd Style Cover Of ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’

Richard Tee is one of my biggest influences on piano. His time was always perfect and his ideas really bluesy and huge.

This video is a dedication to him. ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ done the way he might have approached it, with lots of gospel ideas and grooves, along with his signature chordal sound. I made it into a duet with my friend Paul Van De Riet on drums. Tee always loved recording with Steve Gadd and this is in that style. Check it!


Replacing the Handle on an SKB Rotomolded Case

I just had to replace the 2 handles on my SKB Rotomolded case. I’ve had it for 7 years and done literally at least 1,000 gigs with it. These cases have a lifetime warranty and when you get in touch with SKB they’ll send you replacement handles and screws for free.

The hardest part about replacing these handles is drilling out the rivets and removing the old hardware. Here are my guidelines for removing the old hardware.

1) Use a CORDED drill (not a battery powered drill) to drill out the rivets. In my experience, a battery powered drill doesn’t have the power needed for this.

2) Drill the rivets from the outside in, not from the inside of the case out. <<-- this was the key for me. Before I had been trying to drill from the inside out and broke a drill bit. 3) What will eventually happen is the rivet basically spins and wears/melts through the plastic of the case. Despite the larger hole this leaves, the replacement screws and washers are big enough to catch and hold for a solid mounting. This may not be the way SKB recommends doing it, but it's the method that worked for me after trying several other tedious dead end approaches. Old Handle 1

Old Handle Parts

Drilled Hole 1

Old Handle Parts 2

New Handle 1


Thoughts on the Joy of Making Music

Playing music with other people gives me great pleasure. When I’m doing it, shoulder to shoulder with other bandmates, the musical communion is palpable and miraculous. This year I’ve been gigging more than I ever have in my life. In 5 months I’ve played ninety four (94!) gigs this year. Thank God I love doing it. Usually at some point on every gig there comes a moment when I pause, look around, and think to myself ‘this is amazing, making music with friends’. This simple reflection keeps it child like and wondrous for me.


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-Had music placed on the new show 'Donnie Loves Jenny' on A&E at the beginning of 2015

-Check out my recent blogpost about placements in 2014

-2013/2014: Had a prominent placement in 'Thor 2: The Dark World'. My cue is in a restaurant scene for over a minute.

-Had music placed on the Sundance Channel at the end of 2013 in 'All On The Line With Joe Zee'

-My music is featured on DJ SKEE's show SKEELIVE on AXS TV throughout 2013 and 2014

-I have multiple hip hop cues on 'Rob's Fantasy Factory' seasons 3-6 airing on MTV continuously.

-I have music on a new show on TLC called 'Best Funerals'. (say what!?) airing in late 2013 / early 2014. The show will feature a handful of gospel cues that I wrote.

-I placed a Dramedy Cue called 'Sneaky Groover' in the season premiere of 'World Of Jenks' on MTV in the Spring of 2013.