So I’ve been DJing

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I’ve been doing some DJ sets with TMU after our normal Top 40 sets, and I’m having a great time with it. It’s amazes me how many people criticize DJs and belittle the musicality and skills that good DJs possess. Though critics would argue the barrier to entry is low, (anyone can DJ if you have a controller and the software) those who DJ at the highest level exhibit tons of refined skill both with the technique of mixing and with the intangible art of judging a crowd of people and keeping them dancing. I would like to think I get a little better at both of those things every time I do this. I also make no claims to greatness with any of it as I know a lot of killer DJs who can do things I can’t begin to understand. Here is a shot from a wedding last month where TMU played and then I spun a set. I dig the stage setup:

DJing Bao Wedding May 2015


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