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Back on Padres Social Hour

I went back on Padres Social Hour yesterday before playing the organ at a Wayback Wednesday 90s edition. I had a great time talking ballpark organ with Bill Center and Mike Janela and the segment breezed by. Check it out if you are interested in the way do things down at Petco Park with the organ.


Appearance On Padres Social Hour

A couple days ago I appeared on a show called ‘Padres Social Hour’ on Fox Sports San Diego. I discussed playing organ at Petco Park with the lovely Annie Heilbrunn and the legendary Padres columnist Bill Center. We had FUN – – check it!


Ed – Salty Padres Fan

One of the coolest things about the Padres gig is getting to interact with the salty characters that regularly inhabit the sections of the stands that the organ is in (311/313). One of these is a gentleman by the name of Ed. Ed has several singularities that make him a distinguished and unforgettable character. Ed is allowed into the park early (not sure if it’s because of a disability or because of his season tickets). Often I will be setting up the organ long before the gates are open to the general public, and I’ll see a motorized wheel chair zooming towards me in my peripheral vision. He’ll come right up to me and just sit there, waiting for me to say something first. Once I do, he’ll make some jest, talk about how the team is doing, and then find his seat. Next thing I know, a Padres staffer is hand delivering Ed a clam chowder bread bowl. I can’t get over this. There’s nothing like a giant bowl of clam chowder under the scorching afternoon Summer sun. For Ed, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

He’ll wheel past me at several points during the game and exchange words with me about how the game is going and about life. During these exchanges I’ve been able to learn that Ed takes the train down from Fullerton to come to Padres games, he fought in Vietnam, and he takes insane trans American train vacations that take weeks to complete. He also is an avid Padres fan unless the Giants are in town, at which point he sports his Giants gear. This will draw a small amount of derision from me but Ed will counter with his reasons – he is a huge Grateful Dead fan (The Dead hail from the Bay Area). He will request some Dead and I think I have accommodated his request once. G-dead isn’t the sweetest material for ballpark organ but I made it work.

I love watching Ed stand up at the beginning of each game when they ask all veterans to rise and be acknowledged. That is one of my favorite parts of the day, seeing a humble smile on this loyal fan’s face when he gets the recognition he deserves.

2 short months until we’re back at it in 2014 and I’m sure Ed will be there, right as rain, filling me in on all his off season shenanigans.

Ed Padres Games 2

This is the look Ed gives me when he rolls up to me, waiting for me to talk first. He challenges me with a grin.

Ed Padres Games


2013 Year in Review – Looking forward to 2014

As the new year begins I always write a short review of the previous year with its accomplishments and ups and downs . This year I’ve been lagging because I’ve smashed my way into 2014 with an onslaught of live performances and new projects. There has been none of the customary New Year’s downtime since 2014 started. I did have a solid three hours to reflect on my flight back from my New Years gig on Jan 1. At that time I studied my journals from the year before (which I had brought along for this exact purpose) and considered how the year went.

In 2013, I:

-Played some heavy reggae for the ‘Tribute To The Legends’ with Jamaican Music legends Fully Fullwood and Tony Chin
blog post here

-Playing in the house band for Gilbert Castellanos’ Latin Jazz Jam

-Did some public speaking at a school

-Had music in a major motion picture Thor The Dark World

-Started making fresh music with Some New People

-Played my 4th year of organ for the San Diego Padres

-Elevated my game as a jazz organist and started a residency at a restaurant playing jazz organ

-Wrote another batch of hip hop cues for MTV

-Recorded music for a video game for the first time for SONY (can’t say more right now)

-Made an awesome and inspiring Trip to Chicago

-Was part of a gnarly music video cover of TLCs Waterfalls

This review comes late as we’re already 22 days into 2014 and onto newer things. 2014 is already great.


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