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Back on Padres Social Hour

I went back on Padres Social Hour yesterday before playing the organ at a Wayback Wednesday 90s edition. I had a great time talking ballpark organ with Bill Center and Mike Janela and the segment breezed by. Check it out if you are interested in the way do things down at Petco Park with the organ.


Ed – Salty Padres Fan

One of the coolest things about the Padres gig is getting to interact with the salty characters that regularly inhabit the sections of the stands that the organ is in (311/313). One of these is a gentleman by the name of Ed. Ed has several singularities that make him a distinguished and unforgettable character. Ed is allowed into the park early (not sure if it’s because of a disability or because of his season tickets). Often I will be setting up the organ long before the gates are open to the general public, and I’ll see a motorized wheel chair zooming towards me in my peripheral vision. He’ll come right up to me and just sit there, waiting for me to say something first. Once I do, he’ll make some jest, talk about how the team is doing, and then find his seat. Next thing I know, a Padres staffer is hand delivering Ed a clam chowder bread bowl. I can’t get over this. There’s nothing like a giant bowl of clam chowder under the scorching afternoon Summer sun. For Ed, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

He’ll wheel past me at several points during the game and exchange words with me about how the game is going and about life. During these exchanges I’ve been able to learn that Ed takes the train down from Fullerton to come to Padres games, he fought in Vietnam, and he takes insane trans American train vacations that take weeks to complete. He also is an avid Padres fan unless the Giants are in town, at which point he sports his Giants gear. This will draw a small amount of derision from me but Ed will counter with his reasons – he is a huge Grateful Dead fan (The Dead hail from the Bay Area). He will request some Dead and I think I have accommodated his request once. G-dead isn’t the sweetest material for ballpark organ but I made it work.

I love watching Ed stand up at the beginning of each game when they ask all veterans to rise and be acknowledged. That is one of my favorite parts of the day, seeing a humble smile on this loyal fan’s face when he gets the recognition he deserves.

2 short months until we’re back at it in 2014 and I’m sure Ed will be there, right as rain, filling me in on all his off season shenanigans.

Ed Padres Games 2

This is the look Ed gives me when he rolls up to me, waiting for me to talk first. He challenges me with a grin.

Ed Padres Games


Activity Onslaught

I have had an avalanche of significant musical experiences and quality gigs in the past week. There are usually always cool things happening with music in my life, but this week it has been more than usual.

Bullet points:

-Working with my friend Aijia Lise on crafting the sound for her Fall tour.
-Got a MOOG Sub Phatty, (a wicked new synth) and had to hustle hard to track it down.

Sub Phatty

-Started writing a new batch of hip hop cues for Build Destroy Skee on AXS TV and for a show I can’t talk about yet
-Squeezed in some quality time with my friend Michael Paul Leon and his new baby boy.

Marc Leon Newborn Card

-Had a superb and groundbreaking performance with the Western Standard Time ska big band in Pasadena.
-Tracked something for a client in record time. From the phone call referral to the E-mailed .MP3 it was handled in 40 minutes.
-Played my first night game ever on organ with the San Diego Padres and had 40 or so people come out to it. I also met some cool bloggers from the Padres scene.

Night Game Petco

And of course around all this I slotted my lessons, more social time than usual, and some great sporting events. (U.S. Gold Cup match, U.S. vs Guatemala Friendly at Qualcomm, Padres game on Tuesday, Padres game on Friday).

No days off and no time to catch my breath because there is a new assortment of gigs on the docket for this week. I can at least take a moment to express how thankful I am that this musical life is something that works for me. EVEN WHEN IT’S WORK, THIS ISN’T WORK.



Fourth Year Playing Organ For The Padres

Twilight Organ

Spring Training is here and it’s time to fan the coals of baseball fandom that die down over the winter. I’ve been doing so by trying to memorize all 69 players on the Padres Spring Training squad (right now the best I can do is 55/69. If you want to try to guess them, go HERE for a rad quiz created by GLBer Jbox).

I’m also getting fired up for the return of baseball by getting my organ material in order. I’ll officially be returning for a fourth year as the Padres organist. It astounds me to think that I’ve been doing this for four years now. This year the day game schedule is a little whacky, so there’s a mix of Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in there. If you want to come check out a game, make sure you peep the calendar on the ‘Padres Organ’ part of my site.

Last year I worked on a ton of new material in the off season. This year I’ve been doing the same. As always, I’ll be trying to include a little something for everyone. The Norteños and Mexican songs I added in 2012 have gone over really well. Not everyone in the crowd gets them, but those that do have expressed huge appreciation. I’ve been doing some video game medleys that have been popular including Angry Birds/Tetris (good for when the Cardinals come to town. Get it? Angry Birds = Cardinals) and a number of themes from Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Street Fighter II. And as always, the Jazz standards and organ classics are always a hit and form the back bone of what I do.

If you have any song ideas, e-mail me or send me a tweet at @bobbycressey. Last year I got some brilliant suggestions like ‘L.A. is Burning’ for when the Dodgers come to town. And it seems like everybody always requests the theme from ‘The Muppets’. It sounds bodacious so I don’t have a problem with it. I’ll be posting some videos of this organ madness this year. I also hope to hear from people who like the organ and consider it an important part of the baseball tradition. I definitely do.


CLICK HERE for a full calendar of upcoming live dates