My keyboard students at the Summer School Of Rock at CRB

^^^My Students at School Of Rock Summer 2013

I have been teaching for 15 years. (whoa). Teaching has been an incredibly rewarding journey for me as I’ve learned just as much as I’ve given over the years. Not only have my students broadened my horizons musically, but they’ve enriched my life with dozens of friendships and valuable experience as a communicator and educator. Thousands of hours giving lessons have taught me that not all people learn in the same way, nor do they all share the same goals. I love tailoring my teaching style and what I will teach to teach student, whatever their goals may be.

I TEACH (and have taught):

  • children, teenagers, adults and seniors
  • beginning, intermediate, and advanced players
  • songwriters, classical pianists, jazz pianists, blues players, multi instrumentalists, rock players, reggae players, arrangers, theory buffs, church cats, and everyone else!
  • Those who can and can’t read music
  • People who want to learn how to use their gear, programming and practical performance
  • as freqently or infrequently as you like (weekly, every other week, monthly, or one offs)

You won’t find anyone in San Diego with this level of varied experience or professionalism. You also won’t find a more upbeat and positive teacher.

My teaching website is currently being restructured ; for teaching inquiries please get in touch with me directly through my contact page.



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